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 〜NEWS〜 [HIZUMI] ROCK AND READ MAGAZINE N°037. Release Date : 2011/08/31.

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GaGa D'espairsRay FST

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MessageSujet: 〜NEWS〜 [HIZUMI] ROCK AND READ MAGAZINE N°037. Release Date : 2011/08/31.   Lun 22 Aoû - 18:10

Release Date : 2011/08/31.

HIZUMI will appear in the magazine ROCK AND READ 037, release on august, 31st . The interview will be about the D'espairsRay's disbanding. But HIZUMI wants all of us to keep smiling.

"Well Guys!
Today was an excited day again!

Today, myself M.Ykhc, I met HIZUMI for an interview, to give you the origin and causes of this choice of putting an end to the D'espairsRay's history.

Unfortunately, the dissolution of D'espairsRay was recently announced,
To the MANIA who have been discouraged, please, be sure to read the "ROCK AND READ 037", available on August 31st, 2011.

Maybe HIZUMI's words can help you a little bit to comfort you!

Well, so now, this is HIZUMI's photoshooting!
Despite the unbearable heat, the studio photoshooting is scheduled at first,
Why this day is not a cold day!
And, from now, and consecutively, consecutively hours, the heat was amazing !!!!!
Why? Why?
Did you know that Mr. Hizumi is the man who make it rain?
(In fact, HIZUMI may well succeed in changing weather, making raining in bringing an umbrella)

Then, to finish the studio photoshooting quickly,
The photoshoot crew decided to try to go to a platform outside.
Swinging with a serious expression while walking, talking, and going to shoot in the snow,
On this day, it's that style of shooting what has been achieved.

"ROCK AND READ" is this style of original magazine !

Based on the personality of this artist,
The natural look is desired for the photos,
It's the purpose of this photos magazine (as the interview of course, and for the theme also!)

Many people were talking about it, many people were walking,
Everyone were exploring techniques for the theme of the photoshoot that day.
The style of the magazine, or rather something like the identity was groped, until to be created!

This means that it's by chance during the day that the theme of the photoshoot appeared very clear.

"Ah, this is not a homecoming, but are we going to the scene of the shooting of the first ROCK AND READ?" said HIZUMI.

So the photoshoot crew headed to the scene of the famous tunnel on a regular rhythm.

Let's lagoon!

Anyway, it rarely appears in other magazines,
The photos could be a supernatural miracle of facial expressions!

A masterstroke! Makeup miracle!

HIZUMI, super idea, thank you very much!
And during the day, it was good for us, about to bring the cold weather instead of the sun,
Thank you also! (Laughs)

Thank you!

By the way, his first appearance in the magazine No. 009 (August 2006) was Sold Out, you can see here a special photo from this mag '!


Wow! As always, the picture is so cool! Hizumi, the years gone feel as good as this one!

Moreover, this scenery was the main session of the day.
The greatest style weakness was to swinging while walking,
It was too far away to shoot (laughs).
Well, it's a cry of joy that it raises in a certain way!

Anyway, nice mission, the pictures shooted are so cool!
Careful selection, the selected photos ready to be published in the "ROCK AND READ 037" are super cool! So don't miss it! "


Translation by GaGa D'espairsRay FST

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〜NEWS〜 [HIZUMI] ROCK AND READ MAGAZINE N°037. Release Date : 2011/08/31.
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